Pat's Free Quilting Tips

These short articles, called PBQTips, are my way of sharing information with you about many aspects of longarm quilting. Best of all, they are downloadable for FREE! Happy Quilting!

General Tips

Dedicated Display Space
Wouldn't it be nice if quilt shops dedicated a space for displaying products used by longarm quilters? I think the shop owners would be amazed at how many of their customers own some type of track mounted quilting system. What a great marketing idea for a shop owner! So, if you thing this is a good idea too, take a copy of this article to your local quilt shop! Thanks.
(Adobe PDF for download - 137kb)


Machine Tips

Machine Quilting Terminology
The terms used by longarm quilters have evolved along with the industry. This document describes some of the most commonly used terms, so shop owners and new quilting machine owners don't have to struggle with the definitions.
(Adobe PDF for download - 115kb)


Notion Tips

Tips for Organizing Machine Tools
What good is a cool tool if you can't find it? Time is money, and I don't like to waste either one. So I have forced myself to be organized. Maybe some of these tips will help you too.
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Most people think that scissors must be really sharp to be good, but quilters know that there are different scissors for different purposes. This article lists some of my favorite scissors.
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Fabric Panels
It seems that my students learn faster and more thoroughly if they use quality fabric for our longarm quilting classes. We don't have time to piece a quilt top just for our classes, so I use these fabric panels for my classes. They used to be called cheater cloth, but these are so high quality, they deserve the name of 'convenience cloth'. The designer, Renae Allen of RGA Designs even has free patterns for making projects from the quilted fabric panels.
(Adobe PDF for download - 165kb)

Deluxe Sidewinder
A couple years ago, I asked my husband to modify my stand-alone bobbin winder to include several features I thought were important. The next year, this Deluxe Sidewinder came out, and it has all my desired features - and then some! It can wind bobbins of all sizes - so it works for ALL my machines.
(Adobe PDF for download - 146kb)

Heat Press Batting Together
I don't like to piece my batting, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I found that this product really does deliver a soft, bulkless, gapless butted seam when I need to combine two pieces of batting.
(Adobe PDF for download - 121kb)

Sharpen Up the New Year!
I believe we should periodically look at the tools we use often and replace them. This is a list of items I try to replace annually.
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Project Tips

Machine Quilting Projects - Quilts of Valor
The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects quilts and gives them to our military personnel who have sustained some type of injury while serving our country. I encourage all quilters to donate some of their time and talent to this awesome organization.
(Adobe PDF for download - 96kb)

Teaching Machine Quilting with Projects
I make some suggestions for making a useful project our of some yardage that was quilted as a test piece or sampler.
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Technique Tips

Quilting Machine Templates
In this article, I share general information about using longarm quilting templates. Several important features explained here.
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