Professional Organizations

These groups work hard to bring you some fabulous quilt shows. They also establish quilting standards and promote the artistry of quilting. SHow your support and join the club!

AQS - American Quilter's Society
AQS claims to be the original quilt show - don't know if that's true, but their show in Paducah, KY, seems to have the highest 'Quilter Frenergy' I have ever experienced. The entire city gets involved, and TV stations offer quilting programs 24 hours a day.

IMQA - International Machine Quilters Association, Inc.
IQA is the only trade organization for the longarm quilting industry. Their quarterly publication, On Track!, is an awesome source of information.

IQA - International Quilt Association
IQA is responsible for the International Quilt Festivals (for consumers) and Markets (for the trade). These events are held spring, summer, and fall each year.

NQA - The National Quilting Association, Inc.
NQA is the organization that establishes standards for quilt show judges, quilt appraisers, and quilt teachers. They offer the classes and perform the testing for the certification process.

Original Sewing & Quilting Expo
This organization (Creative Crafts Group, LLC) puts on more shows throughout the USA than any other organization I know of. Their shows have displays, vendors, and classes in many facets of sewing. You'll find a full line of quilting companies as well as yarns, beads, embellishments, etc.

SUGAR - Statler Users Group and Representatives
SUGAR is a user group with Gammill/Statler Stitcher to focus on excellence - in education and enhancements of CreativeStudio software.

Quilters Forums

Got a questions about longarm quilting? Join one of these internet groups and post your questions! There are thousands of other longarm quilters belonging to these groups, and chances are good that someone can answer your question. Plus, you will be able to search the archives by subject matter and learn tricks that will expedite your learning curve.

Gammill Owners
Discussion group for owners of Gammill quilting machines.

GLPMQA - Great Lakes Professional Machine Quilters Association
Discussion group for professional quilters, any machine, in the Great Lakes area (mostly WI).

Home Quilting Systems
Discussion group for owners and operators of short, mid, and longarm stand-up machine quilting systems and related accessories.

Machine Quilting Professional
Discussion group for professional quilters, focus on business issues.

Crossroads Statler Support Group
Discussion group for owners of the Statler Stitcher machine and CreativeStudio software.

Tri-State Statler Stitchers
Discussion group for Statler owners in IL, MN, and WI. This regional group meets quarterly too.