Scheduling a Class

To Schedule a Class – Please contact Pat via email to schedule a group or individual class. She usually keeps the first week of each month open for personalized classes in her studio, covering whatever topic a student is interested in. Pat also will travel to your location.

Choose from the following list of longarm quilting classes.  Classes can be customized to suit the participants, location, equipment, and time allowed, so fees vary. Most classes can also be presented in lecture format.

Free Motion Classes 
ABCs of Longarm Quilting - This class teaches how to use a longarm quilting system, regardless of the size machine. All the basics are covered, including loading, basting, quilting, and advancing the quilt. Learn about the supplies needed, the tools used, and basic skills. This includes a series of free motion quilting exercises designed to increase your control and self confidence.

Free Motion  - Pantograph Quilting - This hands-on class teaches how to follow a pantograph pattern and stitch an Edge-to-Edge (E2E) design across the quilt. Learn how to load the pattern, align the pattern to the quilt, stitch from the back of the machines, advance your quilt, and realign your laser light. Time is spent looking at various panto patterns and explaining which patterns are easier to use than others.

Free Motion  - Quilting with Templates - This hands-on class teaches how to use quilting machine templates (they are unique) for custom free motion quilting. Begin using the rulers (straight edges) for outlining and stitch-in-the-ditch. Then use various shapes to quilt designs that complement the piecing. Great for dividing negative space into smaller sections to vary background fills. Works well for custom borders too.

Free Motion Fills for Negative Spaces - There are hundreds of different designs that can be quilted in backgrounds, that will compliment the quilt or quilt block. Modern quilts have lots of negative space to fill, so learn to transition from one fill design to another. Also learn to choose designs that are interesting without detracting from a focal point.

Free Motion - Stencil Magic - Stencils come in many sizes and shapes, and can be used in many ways. Some stencils are designed to be used for Edge-to-Edge (E2E) quilting. some for borders and sashing, and some for blocks. Learn how to identify the features of each, and how to modify the stencil to fit your quilt.

Statler Stitcher®/CreativeStudio™ Classes
CreativeStudio™ is proprietary software used by the Statler Stitcher® Quilting System from Gammill, Inc.  Pat is certified to teach CS 6.0, is a Beta Test participant, and is the author of the Statler Stitcher CS User Manual.

CS Refresher class – We will review all the previous basic features, use the Quick Reference Pages as the step-by-step guides, talk about the Windows 8.x differences and answer questions. Bring along your CS V6.0 User Manual if you have one.

Edge-to-Edge Allover Awesome Accuracy –With CreativeStudio™ (CS) allover designs stitch out really perfectly whether they are simple or sophisticated. Learn how to use an Edge to Edge quilting design on the whole quilt, or on the inside of the quilt (Border to Border) or just the borders. CS enables quilters to magically resize the designs to fit the spaces and Pat will teach you which patterns work best for each application. Also learn how to handle those not-so-perfect quilt sizes and shapes.

Building Beautiful Blocks –There are hundreds of block patterns that come with the Statler Stitcher and CreativeStudio™ (CS). Learn to resize, rotate, trim and reshape them to fit the space and complement the quilt. Patterns can be easily modified to accurately fit the block, and you see the results before you stitch. You will love WYSIWYQ! (This means “What You See Is What You Quilt” pronounced whissey-wick).

Borders & Sashings with Style - CreativeStudio™ (CS) makes borders really easy. CS automatically places corner patterns precisely, resizes repeated designs to fit the borders, and even snaps all the pieces together so they stitch in one continuous line design. When there are sashings or several borders, you can choose multiple patterns, concatenate if desired, scale them to the right sizes and audition them together. This ensures a proper fit with complementary designs and consistent quilting density.

Point-To-Point Precision – This technique can be used in borders, sashings or any block where a pattern needs to fit the space precisely. This makes complicated piecing (like Triple Irish Chains and Lone Stars) easy to quilt! Perfect straight line placement is possible too. In fact, it is so easy to be accurate that many people use it to do Stitch-in-the-Ditch instead of stitching free motion using rulers or channel locks.

Design It Yourself – CreativeStudio™ (CS) has the building blocks to design your own digitized patterns without any other software program! Start from scratch or start with a design and modify it to suit your needs. Create a corner pattern from a border, or create a triangle from a block, or create circular arrays from simple patterns, or start from scratch and draw your own arcs, curves and lines to create a block. Group all the pieces together and save your new design for future use. You don’t need to master any other digitizing program like Autosketch® to Design It Yourself!

Make Mine MOD (My Own Designs) – CreativeStudio™ has the building blocks to design your own digitized patterns without any other software program! Learn to use the Draw features to design and create lots of fun quilting designs perfectly suited for your modern quilts. And, you will modify your newly created designs, making them P2P (point-to-point) format. Then, learn to concatenate your new P2Ps and create even more design combinations.

Create Your Own Crazy Quilt Stitches - CreativeStudio™ v6.0 has some new features that enable us to create some great designs really easily. You will learn to create designs that look similar to the decorative stitches you find on many sewing machines. Then, learn to position and stitch the designs around applique, or just along the seamlines. This is a creative alternative to Stitch-in-the-ditch!

Personalize your quilts with text, by using standard fonts, or using alphabet patterns. Learn to add text (name, date, occasion) to your quilt to make it a lasting memory. Learn to use the text fonts that came with your Statler Stitcher and learn to install new fonts for even more options. Plus, there are alphabet patterns available for people who want to add special words or verses that stitch continuously. Bring your laptop with SAM loaded (SAM is the stand-alone version of CS) so you can follow along in class.