About Us

Pat Barry has plenty of experience with sewing, quilting and quilting machines. Pat started seriously quilting after retiring from the corporate world. Her first business endeavor focused on teaching people to use longarm quilting machines so they could do their own quilting. The teaching led to machine installations, quilting classes, demonstrating the machines at quilt shows and becoming an authorized Gammill Quilting Systems sales rep.

Since Pat is retired and loves to travel, she has done installations and training on behalf of Gammill dealers and has worked many of the national quilt shows. She has taught hundreds of people to use a longarm and close to 100 of these classes were on-site, at the customer's location. All of this has enabled Pat to have a unique insight into the needs of a quilter. She has watched quilters work, listened to them talk, and has designed a number of products that will make the tasks easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Pat designs and sells the SweetSet Machine Quilting Templates. These are designed specifically for longarm and midarm quilters who appreciate accuracy and creativity.

Pat's first writing project was her book “ABCs of Longarm Quilting”. The second edition, released in 2012, is self published and available only through her website. In 2008, Pat was asked to write the User Manual for CreativeStudio™, the proprietary software from Statler Stitcher®. Every software release since then includes an updated User Manual with hundreds of pictures, illustrations and tips for people to help them quilt, not just run the software.

Quilting continues to be a real passion for Pat. In addition to teaching, writing and designing new products, she continues to do professional quilting. In 2014 a quilt she did, "Roses for Katrina" won Best Longarm Workmanship at the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show. 

Pat teaches locally in her studio, regionally via private classes, and nationally at major machine quilting shows. She has also taken a step into the global arena as a featured quilting artist on Linda Taylor's online video library, The Quilting School.com

If you have any questions about Pat or any of her quilting endeavors, please feel free to use the Contact Us page and ask your questions. Thank you.